REDDOXX Mobile Apps can be configured as follows:

The following steps are required to manually provide the login credentials:

  1. Select "Connect" after starting the app
  2. Enter the Hostname or IP to the appliance (reddoxx.yourdomain.tld)
  3. Upon successful connect, adjust the values for realm, username and password
  4. The password can be saved via "Save Password"
  5. Click "Logon"

To use the encrypted session via ssl between the Mobile App and the appliance, a ssl certificate needs to be configured in the appliance and used in the http/s virtual hosts.
The used Hostname in the Mobile APP has to match the domain that is listed in the certificate.
If the SSL Connection fails (e.g. the certificate does not match the requested hostname) a login is not possible.
As an alternative, you may ignore the error and trust the invalid certficate.